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European projects:

2012-2014 Comenius project. Let's meet where our cultures meet”

The school was the coordinator of the Comenius project „Let's meet where our cultures meet“ which lasted for two years (2012-2014) and it successfully ended. The project included 9 countries and comprised various topics such as: national food, music, dances, traditional children's games and stories. During the project, the school staff proved their organizational and practical skills needed for the presentations and transferring gained knowledge to their pupils and colleagues.


2014.-2016.  Erasmus +, KA1 „On the road of innovation“

Nine teachers were involved in various professional training activities in different European countries . With this project we wanted to give a modern approach to learning and to the opening of  our students to the fields of cultural heritage. We want to create our students’ identity as citizens of the city of Split ( locally ) and citizens of the European Union, using digital technology .  Teachers and management staff are a meaningful resource of the institution and their qualifications should be developed in the direction of developmental needs of the school.


2016. – 2018. Erasmus +, KA1 „ Tracing for quality“

The project contributes to the needs of elementary school Spinut, because by observing the work at all chosen schools, the participants can gain the competences which will improve the teaching, realize curricular and extracurricular projects and increase the quality of the programme of the school Spinut.

The participants will gain these competences exactly through the period of observing the partners’ work and duration of that activity, planned in project, will last for 5 working days. At the end of job shadowing, the participants will get the certificate of attendance by the host school. By their examples, cooperation, advice, criticism and information the partners will give to the participants and that way contribute greatly to the participants’ trainings. Their role is important for the school Spinut as well as given opportunity of connecting and creating partnerships of the school Spinut and themselves, as modern European elementary schools. Moreover, through the activity of job shadowing, it is needed to get the competences for organizing the educational centre and strengthen the competences and knowledge (how to find ideas and transfer them) of the staff who will teach other teaching staff. The staff need to learn how to establish and organize educational centre to get the EU funds and provide self-sustainability. The skills for improving the cooperative refer to the organization of the work as well, finding ideas and work methodology with children within the cooperative.The work methodology is also the basis for improving the curriculum and the way to implement more practically cross- curricular topics into the classes.

2018-2020. Erasmus +, KA1, Be IN - Be innovative




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