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Naši novinari Marko Marijan Pleić, Ira Ercegovac, Karla Čaljkušić vode vas kroz aktivnosti u našem Erasmus+ projektu Tracing for quality/U potrazi za kvalitetom. Objavili su  web stranicu na kojoj će objavljivati sadržaje vezane za projekt

Napomena: za praćenje stranice bit će vam potrebno znanje engleskog jezika :)

Notice: English knowledge needed!


Travanj 2017.

Marko Marijan Pleić interviewed our English teacher Ivana Bokavšek. They talked about activities and work on the project “How do you see us?”. Read more about it below.

Marko: How did you come up with that idea and why?

I. Bokavšek:The idea of using digital media in class came as a result of my training I attended in Swedan two years ago as a part of Erasmus+project „On the road of Innovation“. I learned which apps and tools to use to improve our students' literacy and increase their motivation to learn and use new, interesting and modern ways of studying.

Marko:What are you doing with that group and what is your goal?

I. Bokavšek:My group of students are doing tasks as a part of eTwinning project we have with a school from Ocana in Spain. The name of the project is “How do you see us?” and it is important to learn main things about Spanish culture such as historical heroes, major artists and their work of art, sport results and finally to do a comic as a result of this cooperation. This way we will know more about each other, because our Spanish friends will know more about Croatian culture the same way as we learn about the Spanish. So, we exchange our stories, photos, videos in Twin space, which is a virtual room were we put all our finished work.

Marko:How many members are there in the group?

I. Bokavšek:The group consists of students from four different classes: 6.a, 6.b, 6.c and 7.c. The number changes depending on the task. Ten different students, approximately, do each task.

Marko:Do students like new web tools? Are the students always active?

I. Bokavšek:I can say for sure that this project is completely successful although it hasn’t been finished yet. Why ? Because our students are truly interested in everything they do and the use of new apps and tools make doing these tasks less boring and pretty much interesting. I really enjoy it.

Marko:What have they learned?

I. Bokavšek:They have learned how to make a film, how to record and talk in front of camera. They have also learned how to make a presentation by using a new tool PowToon instead of PowerPoint, which is already “out”.        At the moment they are preparing with our art teacher Mrs.Anica Bašić really amazing presentation of Grgur Ninski to represent our great sculptor Ivan Meštrović. Three different 6th grades are making Grgur Ninski in three different ways. I am monitoring that by filming their work and we will make a nice presentation out of these footages. What will it be in the end?  I will not tell you everything now! You will see it!

Marko:Is the meeting time of your group always the same or it changes?

I. Bokavšek:The meeting time is on Tuesday at 12:30, but it is always more than once a week because to finish the work properly we need more meetings.

Marko:What do you think, how long will the group last?

I. Bokavšek:This eTwinning project lasts till June 2017, but I am quite sure we will continue with work next school year. I am going to do job shadowing in one school in Warsaw, Poland in October 2017 and after learning there at that school, I have to teach my students all skills and knowledge I’m going to get there. So, I am really excited about future work with my hard-working students. They are excellent and the best ones! I’m proud of them. We will certainly do more projects using digital media as much as we can.

Ožujak 2017.



Studeni 2016.

Novinari u akciji - intervju s učiteljicom Dijanom Dvornik

Listopad 2016.

Nakon što smo naučili raditi u Kizoa, napravili smo naš prvi slide show u kojem smo predstavili virtualni muzej škole u alatu.  (Izradile: Ira Ercegovac i Karla Čaljkušić) (Izradio: Marko Marijan Pleić) (Izradila Antonia Drlje)

Rujan 2016.

Naučili smo koristiti novi web 2.0 alat Animoto u kojem smo predstavili projektni tim. Kako to izgleda pogledajte na linku 

We have learned how to use new web 2.0 tool, Animoto and we have presented school's project team. Check it out on the link above.


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